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Online video marketing has become the fastest growing segment of business development investing amongst informed business leaders. The reason is simple: Video marketing produces results. Online video marketing engages the viewer into a call to action in just a minute or two. No longer do people have time to read lengthy website copy in an attempt to understand your business. People are bombarded with messaging. Websites are rapidly changing from pages and pages of dry text to compelling video marketing.

Your business has a story. Your story is unique. Your competition is not another business that sells a similar product or service. Rather, the competition for obtaining new customers is messaging overload. If you can’t grab them quickly, they are gone. Video marketing studies show that 19% of online video viewers leave within the first 10 seconds, and 44% leave before one minute has gone by. Consequently, it is not just video marketing that you need, but compelling, entertaining, and engaging online video which will give you results – this is the strength of StorySellers.

StorySellers is a marketing organization that helps you to identify your story – that is, the unique thing that if everyone knew, would bring you more business. Next StorySellers identifies who it is that you want to view your story. StorySellers has the expertise to assist you in delivering your story directly into the laps of the very customers you want to attract. Finally, StorySellers tells your story with video in an entertaining – almost viral – way that will be fully digested by the very customers you want to attract. The goal of every online video that we create is to compel the viewer into the desired call to action. Secondarily, because of the sheer entertainment value we want the viewer to forward the video to someone they know that would enjoy watching it. Most times they are forwarding it to someone that could use our client’s services.

Every business decision is about return on investment. It is very likely that you are investing marketing funds in many different areas without measurable results. Whether your business serves customers in the San Francisco bay area, the Los Angeles metropolitan area, all of California, the United States, or the entire world, StorySellers can create an engaging online video that will bring customers to you.

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With offices and production teams in the San Francisco bay area and the Los Angeles metropolitan area, StorySellers is positioned to serve clients throughout California as well as anywhere in the United States.

As a business owner, do you ever think to yourself "if only more people knew just how good we are?" Online video marketing is the key to getting the word out. StorySellers produces video very differently than 98% of the competition. We do not simply film your business, interview a few employees, interview you, and pan the front of your building. StorySellers uses online video marketing to tell your story in a movie trailer, cinematic format that engages the viewer into your desired call to action. Whether your online video marketing strategy is designed to:

  • sell a product
  • have someone fill out an online “contact us” form
  • obtain new email addresses for your database
  • get more "likes" on Facebook
  • print off a discount coupon
  • obtain additional financing
  • attract new employees
  • establish your brand

The StorySellers team in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and throughout California are excited to hear your story.

To find out more about Online Video Marketing for your business or organization,
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The rise of video in 2013

As companies further embrace the need for content, video is becoming a bigger part of editorial calendars and content teams.

Gone are the days of shooting a 10 minute interview and slapping it up on YouTube. Consumers' tastes have become more sophisticated and short form video content has become our brain candy.

But what will 2013 bring the industry in terms of video?

We reached out to a few industry experts as part of our January trends series to see what they thought we'd see in terms of video strategies in the upcoming year. Have you planned some stellar video content and put the budget in to make it happen?

Matt Lawrence, Creative Director of Studio at Huge

Companies need to realize that video has become the primary channel for consuming content online. Quality video content balances information and entertainment that viewers can relate to their daily lives, on a visceral level. The word of the year for 2013 is "story."

Original content and pre-roll spots are exploding on platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Google Video ads, as well as with large brands like Chivas Regal (with the "Here's to Real Friends" campaign), GE and Goldman Sachs. Consumers want to be inspired. Find out their interests and create compelling stories around their lifestyles. Brands can blur the lines between creating an experience and selling a product.

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Story Telling Using Videos